Lesotho Interest Rate

Calendrier GMT Actuel Précédent Consensus
2019-09-25 08:40 AM Sep 6.5% 6.5%
2019-11-27 10:25 AM Nov 6.5% 6.5%

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Lesotho Keeps Interest Rate at 6.5%
The Central Bank of Lesotho left unchanged its key policy rate at 6.5% during its September meeting. Policymakers noted that consumer price inflation decelerated in August while economic growth remained weak, and mentioned that main risks to the domestic economic outlook include exposure to global economic developments, weak domestic economic activity, structural rigidities and policy uncertainty. Furthermore, the bank said that will continue to monitor the global developments and their likely impact on domestic macroeconomic conditions, especially net international reserves, with the aim of taking corrective action when needed.

Lesotho Cuts Policy Rate to 6.5%
The Central Bank of Lesotho lowered its policy rate by 25bps during its July meeting, saying economic activity growth remained weak while consumer price inflation decelerated to 5.6 percent in June from 5.9 percent in May. Policymakers also voiced concerns about downside risks to the global economic outlook, which arise from the continuing trade and geo-political tensions.

Lesotho Argent Dernier Précédent Le plus élevé Le Plus Bas Unité
Taux d'intérêt 6.50 6.50 20.42 5.18 Pour Cent [+]
Fort Taux D'Intérêt 4.34 4.34 13.34 2.34 Pour Cent [+]
Masse monétaire 0M 7777.08 7360.54 7777.08 702.20 M - Lsl [+]
Masse monétaire 1M 6015.94 5499.41 6572.51 1395.80 M - Lsl [+]
Masse monétaire 2M 13793.02 12859.94 13793.02 2191.30 M - Lsl [+]